1. How to Style White Wooden Blinds


    White Wooden blinds are always a great solution for your windows. They are timeless yet elegant, and allow you change your décor around without having to replace your blinds every time. We would compare them to that trusty white t-shirt in your wardrobe that never fails, as neither do they!

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  2. Why Grey is Here to Stay


    It seems everywhere you look, all you can see is grey. Our Instagram and Pinterest feed seems to be packed full of grey interiors. Why? What is it about grey that everyone is so obsessed with?

    Well... Grey makes the perfect base to express your individual taste and style throughout your home. There are endless possibilities for putting your own unique twist on it and that’s why we believe grey is here to stay.

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  3. How to Decorate Your Living Room with Teal


    Is your living room needing a little pick me up? For a long time whites, greys and neutrals were the thing in interiors but we definitely think it’s sometimes nice to change things up in your space by adding a pop of colour – in this edition we’re going to be talking about how to introduce the magnificent and luxurious colour that is – teal! If you plan to redesign your living room then here is some inspo to get that Instagram-ready style...

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  4. How to decorate your home for Autumn: Mustard yellow edition


    Ahh, mustard yellow. A colour that brings an instant smile to anyones face and you see in the Autumn leaves. This colour never seems to go out of style and can be styled so many different ways throughout the year. Not only does this enchanting shade add happiness to a space, it also adds a statement and focal point to any room when styled correctly. 

    Here's some of our favourite Mustard Yellow pieces out there right now, how we would style the colour and some of favourite Mustard Yellow blinds to match your decor!

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  5. How to decorate your home for Autumn: Burnt orange edition


    It's that time of year again! October is right round the corner, the nights are getting darker, the leaves are falling from the trees... and we all know what that means, Autumn is nearly here! We thought we'd kick off this seasons blog with a focus on arguably the most iconic Autumnal colour: Burnt Orange. 

    We don't know about you but when we think of burnt orange, we automatically get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Not only does it create such a warmth to any home, it reminds us of Halloween, crisp walks and hot beverages in takeaway cups!

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  6. How to make your home smell like Autumn


    The leaves are changing colour, the pumpkin spice lattes are officially out… Which means its time to put away your summer scented candles and fragrances and introduce those gorgeous Autumnal scents and smells… Here’s our top five tips on how to make your home smell like Autumn!

    Here's some of our favourite Mustard Yellow pieces out there right now, how we would style the colour and some of favourite Mustard Yellow blinds to match your decor!

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  7. How to Create a Sleep-Friendly White Bedroom


    Your bedroom is your haven. It’s the place where you go to relax after a long day at work. It should be a space that you truly adore since it’s the room that you begin and end every day in!

    So, if you are thinking about redesigning your bedroom, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to tell you about our favourite ways to decorate a white bedroom.

    You might be thinking “why white?” “It’s so plain!” well… not only is white the perfect way to fit any aesthetic but more importantly your aesthetic. It’s also a colour that brings us really positive thoughts according to a number of psychology studies. When we have been presented with the colour white, it often reminds us of peacefulness, brings calmness and refreshes us… which is exactly what you want going to bed and waking up!

    We are here to change your mind about a white bedroom; it’s a great base colour to start the decorating off; not only can you keep it neutral, but you can also add splashes of colou

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  8. Do Roller blinds go inside or outside the recess/frame?


    It’s time to settle an age-old debate: Do roller blinds go inside or outside the recess/frame?

    At WeLoveBlinds, we receive questions pertaining to this topic on an almost daily basis. Therefore, we have decided to create this informative article to provide you with the essential information for fitting roller blinds correctly. If you have recently given up your dated curtains for a more modern and fashionable roller blind look, then this post is for you!

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  9. Are Venetian Blinds Child Safe?


    As a parent, you’ll know how important it is to have every area of your home as safe as possible and this includes your blinds.

    From classic soft warm woodgrains, through to contemporary tonal whites, creams and greys, Wooden Venetian blinds are a versatile choice for any room in your house. Our made to measure wooden blinds are crafted from the highest quality materials including premium hardwood slats.

    All round, Venetian blinds are a simple, stylish and cost-effective choice when it comes to dressing your window. And, while we love stylish blinds that showcase your window, child safety is always top of our agenda. Today, we’re looking at Venetian blinds and asking the question:

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  10. Best Blinds for Large Windows


    Larger windows are a fantastic feature to have in your home.

    The right choice of blinds can give you complete control, whether you want to embrace the natural light or improve privacy. At, we want to help you create the perfect final look in your home.

    Here are our recommendations for the very best types of blinds for large windows:

    Vertical blinds

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