1. My experience of working from home and the right environment - Alexis Neil

    My experience of working from home and the right environment - Alexis Neil

    3 years ago, I very rarely worked from home, I was a road warrior and always out seeing customers or in the office fast forward 2 and half years and I spend 90% of my time now at home.

    How do I manage, at first I created routines I still got up 2 hours before work, sometimes I went for a walk or exercised but lately I use the time to relax, repeat some affirmations and worked on my Insta.

    I always get ready for work, somewhat casual these days but I am always up dressed and ready for the day, might not have

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  2. All Things Interior Trends - Alexis

    All Things Interior Trends - Alexis

    Hi again!

    For the next blog in my series, I will be chatting about all things interior trends! I don’t know about you, but in the past few years I have redecorated some of the rooms in my home several times. There is just so much choice on Tik Tok, Instagram, Pinterest and in interior magazines. I just become so inspired by all the lifestyle content that is available, and I want to make the most of the space I live in.

    There h

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  3. Bring the outdoors in with Sage Green


    Using Sage Green in your Bedroom

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  4. The Meaning of DIY

    The Meaning of DIY

    The Meaning of DIY

    Hey, I’m Kerrie and I’m after my last blog post where I hope you got to know me a little better, I wanted to start this series off with, what DIY means to me.


    There are so many do it yourself-ers out there and with how life has changed for many of us over the last number of years, there have been even more DIYer’s coming to the forefront and I couldn’t be happier. What could be better than having a community of people sharing

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  5. My relationship with health and wellbeing, and my home

    My relationship with health and wellbeing, and my home

    My relationship with health and wellbeing, and my home

    Alexis Neil

    Welcome to Winter! Does anyone actually say this? I know I don’t … dark mornings, cold nights and the cool-down from the festive period. January is a long month and payday feels like it’s a million miles away. As a result, we tend to find that our health and wellbeing suffers. For me, I started my journey with health and w

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  6. Meet Kerrie - @kerrie.rusak

    Meet Kerrie - @kerrie.rusak

    Meet Kerrie!

    A Product Marketing Manager, IT Company Sells automated solutions to really large customers around

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  7. Meet Alexis - @House_of_number_12

    Meet Alexis - @House_of_number_12

    Meet Alexis!

    For Alexis, her page @house_of_number_12 is a form of self-expression. She described Instagram

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  8. Win a Facebook Portal Go Twin Pack

    Win a Facebook Portal Go Twin Pack

    Christmas Competition

    Win a Facebook Portal Go twin pack

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  9. Best blinds for Autumn


    Autumn is finally here which means crisp mornings and frosty nights. An excellent excuse to spruce up your interiors and create the ultimate cosy environment for those cosy movie nights.

    When it comes to window coverings, it’s an essential for all of us that live in colder climates to keep as much heat in our homes as possible. We’ve broken down all our favourite blinds that are perfect for your home during this time of year. Prepare to be inspired!

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  10. Why Grey is Here to Stay


    It seems everywhere you look, all you can see is grey. Our Instagram and Pinterest feed seems to be packed full of grey interiors. Why? What is it about grey that everyone is so obsessed with?

    Well... Grey makes the perfect base to express your individual taste and style throughout your home. There are endless possibilities for putting your own unique twist on it and that’s why we believe grey is here to stay.

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