Vertical blinds can be installed in about 10 minutes with a few common tools.

You will need:


A drill with masonry bit


A crossheaded screwdriver


A metal tape measure


A pencil

Your brackets are packed separately in the box. Please ensure you’ve located them before disposing of the packaging. The brackets are a universal type that can be used to top fix the blind into a recess or face fix into a frame or a wall. Please read the following instructions carefully before you start fitting your blind.

1. Fix the brackets

  • Position the brackets at a suitable distance away from any window handles or obstructions. If top fixing mark the bracket 50mm clear from the handles. If face fixing, mark where the screws will go using the holes in the  bracket as a guide.
  • Ideally, position the brackets 5cm in from each end of the  head rail. Any additional brackets should be spaced evenly. For a wall or lintel, use a drill with a suitable sized bit to make your holes, and push in rawl plugs.
  • For a wooden frame, screw your brackets into position. A pilot hole may be needed to allow easier fixing of the screws.
  • Fix the bracket into place and repeat on the other side of the blind.

2. Fit the blind

  • To face fix - loosen the screws on the front of the brackets, hook the head rail into position and tighten the bracket screws to secure.
  • To top fix - with the thumb tab on the bracket facing back, hook the front edge of the head rail into the bracket and push up at the back until it clicks into position.

3. Fix the wand

    • To fit the wand, hook onto the eyelet found within the headrail. Using the wand, turn the hooks inside the headrail that hold the louvres to the open position.

4. Fix the louvres

  • Clip the louvres onto the headrail. To shorten the length of the louvres, turn the hangers upside down in the louvres.

Safety tips

There are things that you can do to reduce risk in your home.

  • Move beds, cots and furniture away from the window. 
  • Do not let cords or chains hang loose. Make sure they are kept out of reach of children at all times. Do not tie loose cords and chains together. 
  • Check the condition of all safety devices if not used regularly and replace if the device is faulty.

Operating your blind

  • To adjust the angle of the louvres, twist the wand and the louvres will turn through 180 degrees. To adjust the angle of the louvres, twist the wand and the louvres will turn through 180 degrees.
  • To open and close the blind, pull the wand ensuring the louvres are in the open position. To open and close the blind, pull the wand ensuring the louvres are in the open position.
  • From time to time your louvres may be knocked out of alignment. To re-align the louvres remove them from the headrail and draw into the open position. Using the wand rotate the hooks (that hold the louvres onto the headrail) until they are aligned. You will feel some resistance and you may hear a clicking noise, this is normal and you should continue to operate the wand until the hooks are fully aligned.


  • Blinds can be potentially dangerous to small children. Please be aware that swallowing small parts can cause internal asphyxiation. Looped or low hanging cords, chains or tapes can create hazardous loops which could lead to the risk of strangulation. We do everything we can to ensure your chosen product is child safe. As a minimum all of our blinds meet the European Standard BS EN 13120 for safety. Our instructions and the supplied Child Safety device(s) are intended for you to ensure that your blind is as safe as possible.
  • The information below gives guidance for fitting the provided child safety devices. All safety devices must be correctly installed for the protection from strangulation of young children and the proper use of the blind. Please read the instructions carefully and keep safe for future reference.
  • Only use the devices and cords provided with your blind. Videos showing how to fit and reconnect child safety devices are available, along with replacements at:

In a hurry? Why not download our PDF version for later!

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