How to measure? Blinds to fit recess

You will need:


A tape measure


A pencil & paper

When you are measuring:

• Measure to the nearest millimetre

• Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch

• Don’t make any adjustments for fittings and headrails

• Look out for the position of window handles and tile.

Outside or inside window?

How you measure depends on where you want your blind to go. It can hang:

• On the inside of your window (this is called the recess)

• On the outside your window (this is called an exact fitting)

All our blinds can be fitted into the front of your window frame or wall, or into the top lintel.

Use these instructions to measure for all types of blinds. Whatever type of blind you’re measuring, follow our instructions precisely.
Don’t adjust your measurements to allow for fittings and headrails – we do all that for you.

Step 1

Measure the width of the inside of the window from wall to wall in the 3 places shown below. Write down the shortest measurement.

Step 2

Measure for the height of your blind in the 3 places shown below. The height (also called the drop) is the measurement from the top of the inside of the window to the window sill. Write down the shortest measurement.

Step 3

Save the shortest measurements in your WeLoveBlinds Measurements PDF for reference or shop for blinds now.

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