How to measure? For square bay windows

You will need:


A tape measure


A pencil & paper

Step 1

Measure window A first and write this down as a recess measurement. Mark where the front edge of the headrail would be when fitted, with a pencil. These vary by blind type (see table below). You will also need to take into account anything that protrudes from the window, such as handles and add this measurement on. For example when allowing 2cm for handles and choosing a standard Roman with 2.5cm headrail the measurement you’d mark would be 4.5cm from the window (2+2.5=4.5cm).

Step 2

Measure from the pencil mark you made to represent the front edge of headrail on window ‘A’, across window ‘B’ and write this down as an exact measurement.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 for window ‘C’. (Note: if you have a ‘closed’ bay window i.e. you have a wall at the end of windows ‘B’ and ‘C’ opposite window ‘A’ you will need to take down the measurements for windows ‘B’ and ‘C’ as recess measurements).

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