Do you ever hear the kids ask why they have to go to bed when it’s daytime? And struggling to doze off? That’s why you need black out blinds.

They say that a good nights sleep should be between 7-9 hours every single night. Are your current blinds allowing you to achieve that? Adequate sleep is said to improve your productivity, help balance your emotions, boost your immune system and memory as well as heal your body.

They also say that napping during the day can make you smarter and boost your energy levels. Well, we love a good nap here at We Love Blinds, so we’d have to agree!

How can black out blinds prove to be beneficial for our health?

Let’s start with a brief conversation about a hormone called Melatonin. Melatonin is produced by the brain in the pineal gland. Melatonin is also available as a supplement which many of us need. Why? We need high levels of Melatonin to promote rest and sleep. Melatonin is also responsible for fulfilling our circadian rhythm (our bodies internal clock), and our circadian rhythm is mostly affected by daylight and darkness.

Lots of research has been done into blue light that emitted by screens which affect our Melatonin levels massively. We are recommended by health and sleep experts to put our mobile devices away and not watch TV 2 hours before we hit the sack. We need darkness. Melatonin only produces in the brain when it’s dark.

It doesn’t stop there. Melatonin is not only affected by artificial light, but also natural daylight.

We live in a world of seasons. In the summertime, we can experience daylight from as early as 4am. If we sleep with our blinds open or with blinds that don’t keep the light out, then we cause an imbalance in our sleeping patterns.


Let’s talk briefly about sleep. Sleep is the absolute 101 basic most fundamental thing that we need to have in order to achieve optimal health. The experts will tell you – forget about your diet, forget about stress and your environment, if you aren’t sleeping, your health is not in good condition. It’s so important. We can’t stress that enough.

Scientific research shows that cutting our lights will most definitely help with getting in those z’s without the body clock experiencing interruptions. It’s essential that we expose ourselves to darkness. We wind down with sunset and we rise with the morning sunrise. That’s how it’s intended to be.


So where do black out blinds come in?

Black out blinds provide a great environment for sleep and rest. They are particularly useful for the users who perhaps do shift work and need to sleep during the daytime.

Our modern lifestyles and working hours can be long and therefore we find ourselves with lack of outdoors and lack of natural daylight, we become out of sync – imbalanced.

Black out blinds will help trick our brains into believing it’s nightmare or it’s still dark outside, allowing us to get the rest needed for our brain function and optimal health.

The summer months are great - BBQ’s, family time in the garden and outdoor workouts. But summer months can prove problematic for our body clocks. This is especially true for children.


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