How to measure? For Perfect Fit blinds

You will need:


A tape measure


A pencil & paper

Before you begin measuring, lets check if Perfect Fit Blinds are suitable for your window.

First of all, you will need to figure out if Perfect Fit is suitable for your window, conservatory or door. The brackets provided are only compatible with internally beaded PVCu window frames that will secure your blind in place, these windows have beem sealed with glazing gasket. Due to safety legislations, most modern windows are internally beaded. Although glazing tape is more commonly used rather than glazing gasket as it is often cheaper for the conservatory/window manufacturer. Unfortunately windows that are externally sealed or beaded with glazing tape are not suitable to install Perfect Fit blinds.

Please note:

If the width of your beading surround is more than 26mm, the Perfect Fit frame may not cover your beading entirely and may not sit flush on your window frame.

Step 1

First is to check any obstructing handles. Measure and check if there is a 6mm clearance around the circumference of the frame of the window frame, especially where handles are situated.

Step 2

Next, measure the glass size in millimetres (mm). Being as accurate as possible, measure the actual visible glass width and drop. Measure in both corners and also the centre of the window and use the smallest measurements from each direction.

Step 3

Measure the depth of your window frame in millimetres (mm). To do this, we recommend using a ruler angled across the corners of your windows and measure from the glass to the edge of your ruler.


Based on the window frame depth measurement that you provide us with, we will select an appropriate bracket size. If your window frame depth is/or between:

14mm to 18mm - you should select 18mm brackets.

19mm to 20mm - you should select 20mm brackets.

21mm to 22mm - you should select 22mm brackets.

23mm to 24mm - you should select 24mm brackets.

25mm to 30mm - you should select 30mm brackets.

31mm to 38mm - you should select 38mm brackets.

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